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What kinds of Vaio Laptop repairs services near me in Mumbai do you have?

We are as close as 90 minutes from you.
You don’t have to go service center hunting, we will come home to you for all Sony Vaio repairs in Mumbai.

Sony Vaio keyboard repair to motherboard repair, we do it all.

Call us for any and every Vaio issues you might have; even common repair needs like Sony Viao laptop charger or battery repair.

What models of Sony Vaio laptop repairs in Mumbai do you do?

A Series, C series, E series, F series, G, M, S, TT, U, VGN, W, X, Y, Z series. You get the idea.
You name the series of Sony Vaio you have, we will be there to help your repair, no take backs.

How to save Sony Vaio from water damage?

Clean away the liquid with a dry absorbing cloth.
Turn off, remove battery and all connections (plugs, USBs, mouse, or any attachments).

Call us immediately to help repair any possible internal damage caused by water.

How can I do a Sony Vaio laptop hinge repair?

Unfortunately, you need an expert, a technician to fix this.
Let TechGuy handle this job for you.

How much does the repair service cost?

The cost of Vaio repairs in Mumbai, is a total of the repairs you might need along with the services charges.
You only pay one-time!