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What kinds of Toshiba Laptop repairs services near me in Mumbai do you have?

Whether you need a Toshiba satellite laptop hinge repair or tackle the overheating issue, we cover them all.

Anything from physical damage like broken screen and missing keys to technical headaches like drivers and reboots, we do it.

Of course, you can reach out to us for ANYTHING Toshiba related.

What Toshiba laptop model repairs in Mumbai do you do?

Toshiba’s C series, X series, A series and the models of E series are all covered under our services.
If you have a model not mentioned here, worry not, we have a whole range of services for them too.

How can I save my Toshiba system from water damage?

Do the usual - turn off, unplug charger and hardware, remove battery.
Call us to help you deal with inside water damage.

While you wait, you can clean between the keys with a dry brush or cloth.

How much does the repair service cost?

The cost of Toshiba laptop repairs at home in Mumbai, is based on the diagnosis of the repairs you might need + the services charges.
You only pay a final one-time charge, post repair.