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How does TechRepair Work?
Simple.A TechRepair is the simplest service you can book. We do not have any diagnosis, visit or installation services or charges. TechRepair consists of them all. Even multiple visits. Simply click the 'Book Now' Button on the top of the web page and fill the small form. We will then assign you a technician in minutes who will be at your doorstep in a maximum of 5 hours, or we'll pick up the product in a maximum of 30 minutes (depending on your preference). Upon diagnosis, we will share the estimate of spare parts or recommended upgrades (if required), and upon your approval, we will deliver it to you within a day. A technician will come and replace the same at no extra cost.
Are there any additional charges?
A TechRepair consists of : Multiple Visits, Diagnosis, Cleaning and Installation of Software and Spares. 1 charge for all of them Only if you require additional software, spares or upgrades will you be charged extra.