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What Dell Laptop home services do you provide in Mumbai?

Overheating, faulty disk trays, screen issues, or mouse pad malfunctions are common Dell problems. We not only cover these, we repair all parts from Dell monitor repair to virus troubles and everything in between.

What models of Dell laptop repairs in Mumbai can you do?

Most used Dell models are Inspiron 3000, 5000 and 7000. The G-series is also popular for gaming.

Look for a ‘near me’ service in Mumbai and you will come by us easily.

Reach out to us for all Dell models- Vostro, Latitude, XPS, Precision, Chromebook and all.

We even cover Dell gaming laptops like Alienware repairs.

How can I save my Dell laptop from Water damage?

Remove, power, hardware and batteries
Check if the water has gotten inside the system.
Set it to dry and call us immediately.

How can I repair my Dell laptop screen?

Things like Dell laptop hinge repairs and screen repairs need availability of parts or drivers which is why it is best for you to leave that task to our technician.

How much does the repair service cost?

Your Dell laptop repair in Mumbai is charged based on the service and the solution.
It is a one-time cost you pay after your laptop is repaired (All charges included).