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What Apple Macbook repair services in Mumbai do you provide?

We cover everything from common RAM and login issues to detailed technical system problems like Thermal Sensors and Motherboards.

Instead of looking for an ‘Apple laptop repair in Mumbai near me’ option, ring us up now.

We will even help out with your macbook charger repair and macbook keyboard repair, if that’s all you need.

What models of apple macbook pro repairs in Mumbai do you do?

The most common Macbook Pro with people today are-
15-inch Retina from 2014 and 2015,
15-inch Macbook Pro models released from 2016 to 2018,
the 2019 16-inch model,
13-inch M1 released in 2020, and
14-inch model in 2021.

We repair them all and then go beyond to cover Apple Macbook air repair in the Mumbai area as well.

Call us for the latest macbook or the oldest one. We WILL repair it for you.

What can I do to save my macbook from water damage repair?

Macbook pro or air water damage repair requires you to follow these steps.
Remove water
Unplug power + Turn off
Remove all hardware and battery
Let it air dry
And call us ASAP.

We will be at your door in as quick as 90 minutes.

What can I do for Apple Macbook pro screen repair?

Unfortunately, you can’t fix a damaged screen on your own.

Infact, problems with Macbook screen or logic board repairs are an issue which require replacement which is why it is best for you to CALL US as soon as possible.

We can start doing repairs after our technician’s first diagnosis.

How much does the repair service cost?

Your apple macbook repair in Mumbai is charged based on the service and the solution to your macbook problem.

It is a one-time cost you pay after your laptop is repaired, service charges included.