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What services do you have for Acer Laptop repairs in Mumbai?

Acer battery repairs and power repairs are the most common issues addressed. This is the same for most laptops.

Instead of getting them replaced nearby, call us to get your Acer Laptop Repairs at home in Mumbai.

Which Acer laptops do you repair at home in Mumbai?

We provide ALL our services at home.
Acer has the longest list under one model- the Aspire Series. We will look at anything from Aspire E, M and F series to rarer models like 4720z and 5738.
If you have an Aspire system that you can’t get fixed near you, call us to let us take a look at it. We will give you a diagnosis at home.

How can I save my Acer system from water damage?

We recommended that you remove all hardwares, power off, unplug and even remove batteries.
We will come to you in 90 minutes and help you separate all the parts (even the screws) to help the system dry from the inside.

With timely action, the system can be saved.

How much does the repair service cost?

After the repair is done, you pay only once (all charges included) for any Acer laptop repair at home we do in Mumbai.